Hello, Guys, My name is Rohit Guglani and This is My First Post on my this blog. Here in this Blog, I am I share many different things with you like Motivational Stories, Food Recipies & all. I started this blog for sharing knowledge to help you in doing anything easily without doing any mistake.  It was hard for me to write this blog as this is my first blog post I can’t write any post before.

So Today’s Topic is how to achieve anything you want in life???

In today’s life all are thinking that I don’t have money how can I do this, I don’t have this so how can I do this What the hell is this yaar ??????  First of all your thinking depends on your goals For achieving anything you want in your life you are always having a positive mind without this you can’t achieve anything.

What do you want in your life ?? Do you have a cherished goal in your life?? While you can’t get everything in your life a good job, big car, big house But it is certainly possible to aim high, dream. Firstly you have to form a clear cut plan what do you want in your life. And you have to do your work according to your plan otherwise you can’t achieve your goal.

Top 11 Tips/Steps to achieve anything in life

  1. Forming a Plan
  2. Focus on Commitment
  3. Set a Long Term goal
  4. Seek Knowledge Not Results
  5. Make the Journey Fun
  6. Use your imagination
  7. Make Opportunity not wait for opportunity
  8. Keep an eye only on progress
  9. Learn From Failures
  10. Don’t Rely on Others
  11. Celebrate little wins


  1. Forming a Plan

The First step in how to achieve anything you want in life is Forming a plan because without forming any plan you can’t do anything. This is the first and also the very important step. You can make a plan What to do? How to do? When to do? from where it is to be done? And with whom this can be done. Planning is continuous and all pervasive because planning is used in every business and also in everything you wants to do in your life. Planning helps in doing work with the procedure.

  1. Focus On Commitment

If you have committed to do anything you have committed to achieving your goal so don’t go back if you have committed that you want this in your life and you can do anything for achieving this in life no one can stop you in achieving your goal. After commitment, all others can also help you in achieving your target. Don’t fear of anything if you can fear of anything or of any obstacle in your goal you can’t achieve your goal. Some peoples come to stop but don’t see them run and focus on your goals.

  1. Set a long-term Goal

For achieving a goal in your life you have to set a long term a goal. Don’t see on short term goals because short term goals are only for short time in your life and also short term goals are very easy to achieve. Having a long-term goal will give focus to your ambitions, give you a sense of purpose, and make you aware of possible obstacles.

  • Identify a long-term goal. Try, again, writing it down and be as specific as possible. “I want to retire at 50” is not as specific and achievable as a goal as saying “I want to be debt-free, own my own home, and be able to retire at 50 on an annual income of at least $50,000.” The latter sets concrete benchmarks for success.
  1. Seek Knowledge Not Results

When you start working with your commitment on for achieving your goal Don’t run for fast results because some peoples want to get results as earlier as possible that’s why they can’t achieve their long term goal properly. This would happen with me also when I want to work I joined an institute they said me to do work properly but while working I found many shortcuts and I tried these shortcuts without asking my sir that’s why till now its been 2 years I can’t earn enough to meet my needs. But now I know everything because in these 2 years I learned many things for doing anything.

So For achieving your goal don’t try shortcuts focus on your goals only.

Always remember First Learn then Earn without proper learning you can’t do anything in your life.

  1. Make the Journey Fun

Always love your work. If you don’t love what you are doing for achieving your goal you can’t do your work properly. Always makes your journey enjoy every moment of your work and Make the work Fun.

Like Nowadays mostly peoples are like to play cricket but they don’t feel tired even after 5 hours of playing but while working they feel tired in just 2-3 hours. Do your work in the way you like Thin that you work is like a game you have to win this game and got number 1 position.

  1. Use Your Imagination

While working anything always use your imagination because new ideas or innovations make your work better than what you imagine. Put your new ideas or innovations comes in your mind on your work if you think that it works it totally depends on you. Make new Experiments because all the scientists are become popular now just because of their new experiments we have electricity today just because of Experiment. So Always use your imagination on your work.

  1. Make Opportunity Not Wait For Opportunity

If you really want to achieve your goal which you want and wants to become successful in your life Don’t say that I have no money to do this, I have no room, laptop or tools to do this but instead of this, you can say that how can I get this to do my work.  Who don’t wants to work can give many reasons to not to do and the one who has committed that I want to this in my life and I can do anything for achieving this the he has no any reason they have only one question in their mind how can I get this instead of I have no money so how can I do this.

Always Make Opportunity Not Wait for Opportunity.

  1. Keep an Eye only on Progress

Once you have committed to achieving your goal that you can do anything to achieve your goal. Then go any step back keep focus only on your goal don’t see what others can do. Keep set your mind that you don’t want to know that what others can do you only know about your work instead of others work. For achieving your goal don’t go anywhere without completing your work always go with the plan you make In the starting of your work. First, you have to complete your daily work which you planned whether it takes 4 hours or 5 hours or it may take a full day you have to focus only on your work.

  1. Learn From Failures

Always learn from failures. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. From failure, you can learn what mistakes you are doing if you can learn from your failure you can’t do the same mistake next time and you can successfully complete your work.

If a plan A fails alphabets has 25 more letters if you fail sometimes so change your way of doing work instead of changing your goal.

Examples: If we take an example of Bill Gates he fails in their exams and his friend passes all exams with good marks and Now you all can see that Bill Gates is Owner or Founder of Microsoft and his Friend is a software engineer in Microsoft there is a very big difference.

Always learn from failures not make failure an disadvantage.

  1. Don’t Rely On Others

Never Depend on others do your work on your own because some persons are not good they will leave you or can’t do your work properly after completing their work. Always trust yourself do all your work with yourself. Depending on others means you have no confidence in yourself.

  1. Celebrate Little Wins

While working for your goals celebrate all little wins makes you happy and always motivated to do your work more effectively and efficiently. Celebrate every little win like if you are doing any experiment and it becomes successful this will helps you in doing more new work and putting you new ideas or innovations on your dream project in achieving your goal.


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